Old Wild West - Doppio Gusto

Old Wild West: Old Wild West is the original Burger & ...

Old Wild West: Old Wild West is the original Burger & Steak House restaurant chain in Italy. Recognized and loved for its western-styled atmosphere, it excites the little ones and entertains the adults. Above all, Old Wild West represents tasty and quality food, guaranteed by the ingredients chosen and controlled at their origin. For example, the best beef cuts, like the entrecote and fillet, come directly from selected farms in the Argentinian Pampas. To serve a perfectly delicious hamburger, we chose Irish Angus Beef: from the lush and fertile pastures of Ireland, guaranteeing a unique flavor. To complete the Old Wild West experience, the Fidelity Card offers exclusive advantages and deals available on our App. We also have free WiFi in all of our restaurants and the innovative mobile payment system Satispay. Old Wild West: a restaurant where innovation to please our customers is key, offering a unique experience under all aspects: product, location, and service. Doppio Gusto: If your passion is tricolor cuisine, Doppio Gusto is the restaurant for you. A wide choice of pizzas, classic or high, as the Neapolitan tradition dictates, leavened for a long time and prepared with flours and other organic ingredients. And to finish on a sweet note, Doppio Gusto offers its delicious genuine and always fresh desserts, which are really impossible to resist.

Old Wild West - Doppio Gusto


  • http://oldwildwest.it
  • +39 0575 697037
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