Palazzo Te

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Palazzo Te is Giulio Romano's Mantuan masterpiece, built and decorated between 1525 and 1535 as a place for the "honest idleness" of the client, Federico II Gonzaga, and for the sumptuous receptions of the most illustrious guests: formerly located on an island connected to the city of Mantua from the Pusterla bridge, the palace is one of the most extraordinary examples of a suburban Renaissance villa. The building is generally inspired to ancient Roman villas and in spite of the many restorations over the centuries, it is one of the most valuable and best preserved Renaissance complexes. Giulio Romano’s genius has impressed Raphael and Michelangelo’s culture in it and leaves evidence of a profound knowledge of classical tradition with new and amazing inventions. Intense emotions accompany the visitor in a rich and varied itinerary: from the Cortile d`Onore to the Hall of the Horses, from the Camera of Psyche to that of the Winds and the Eagles, from the precious Chamber of Stucchi to the tumultuous Chamber of the Giants. The monumental rooms are located on the ground floor and among the most famous we remember: the Hall of the Horses, where the prince’s favourite steeds are life-size portraited; the Camera of Cupid and Psyche, illustrated by several episodes of the story of the god Cupid and his beloved earthly princess, inspired by the narrative of Apuleius; the Chamber of Giants, within which the viewer is involved in the tragic ruin of the Giants, cruelly punished for wanting to climb Olympus and attempt the throne of Jupiter.

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