Colorful Land

Foiano Carnival makes its triumphant entrance into the heart of the Village. Experience the thrill of the parade with the whole family amidst brightly-colored masks and rousing music.
A whole lot of spectacle and fun for a truly unforgettable experience.

On 17 February at 3.30 pm, the Village opens its doors to the Foiano Carnival parade, the oldest in Italy and now in its 485th year. It’s a tradition that’s still spectacular today and can’t fail to surprise you with its beautiful choreography and bright colors.

At the heart of the festivities will be the four ‘cantieri’ or workshops: Azzurri, Bombolo, Nottambuli and Rustici. Each yea,r in the town’s historical centre, these ‘papier-mâché workshops’ challenge each other to create the best masks and allegorical carnival floats that are judged by a jury of Italian art experts.

But Foiano Carnival is also spectacle, DJ sets, street food, art and much more. A uniquely enjoyable and truly unforgettable experience to share with the whole family.
Looking forward to seeing you!


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Colorful Land

On 17 February at 3.30 pm, shopping is in technicolor with the Foiano Carnival parade.


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